Our Commitment to Environment

Considering that the preservation of the global environment and prevention of global warming are recognized as common issues facing all of humanity, TOYO has established the following philosophy:
・ Contribute to sustainable development capable of both environmental protection and the development of mankind.
・ Provide engineering services in harmony with the global environment as a global company.
In order to realize this philosophy, TOYO will continue actively resolving the environmental issues of our clients in the future.

Reduction of Environmental Impact from Construction Sites

TOYO has maintained the objective of ZERO environmental disaster since 2004, executing the thorough management not to discharge the contaminated materials out of the construction areas. All the construction wastes are properly treated, and the recycle percentage of the domestic construction waste has been maintained over 91% since 2013.

Reduction of Environmental Impact from offices

The total CO2 emission from head offices was 3,996 ton (including 483 ton in TOYO Chiba head office) in 2019. The total CO2 emission from TOYO Construction sites offices was 1,871 ton (including 413 ton in Japan) in 2019. TOYO will make continuous effort to execute the Energy and Resource saving.

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