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Copyrights and Trademarks

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TOYO shall not be liable for the damages mentioned below or for any damages that may occur in connection with this web site:

1) Damages caused by information posted on this web site, revisions or deletions thereof, and operation, interruption, or suspension of this web site.
2) Damages caused in connection with customers’ use of this web site or use of any information posted on this web site.
3) Damages caused by inaccurate descriptions or typographical errors contained in this web site.
4) Damages, such as accidents, malfunction, computer virus infection, loss of data, and break-down affecting customers’ software or hardware by downloading data from this web site.

Linked Web sites

TOYO does not guarantee the content of web sites that are linked to or from this web site and that are not belonged to TOYO ones, but are managed by the respective parties under their own responsibility.

Linking to TOYO’s Web site

If you would like to link to the TOYO web site, please contact Corporate Communications Division in advance. If you wish to set up a link to TOYO's web site, please ensure that it is to the top page ( Links to obscene web sites, those containing slander and defamation, and any others that TOYO considers to be damaging to its business or reputation, are prohibited.

Security of personal information

TOYO takes all possible measures to protect customers’ personal information. TOYO utilizes various security technologies and procedures to protect customers’ personal information against access without authority, appropriation, or leakage. For example, personal information received from a customer is stored on a computer server that is located in a controlled facility and to which access is restricted. Where confidential information is forwarded through the Internet, the information is protected with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or other encryption technology.

Use of Cookies

When a customer accesses TOYO’s web site, a Cookie is sent to the customer’s computer (only when access has been accepted). If the customer has accessed the web site before, the Cookie is read. The major purpose of using the Cookie is to gather information on access to the web site for the purpose of statistics as described above. When a customer sets up a browser to refuse Cookies, the customer can browse pages but cannot utilize some privileges provided on the web site

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