President & CEO
Eiji Hosoi

Toyo Engineering Corporation (TOYO) has refined its proprietary technologies, mainly in the chemical fertilizer field cultivated by TOYO’s founder, ammonia and urea, and has expanded its business into a wide range of fields, including petrochemicals, petroleum and gas treatment, resource development and power generation. Since the construction of a plant in India in the 1960s, we have cultivated new markets, nurtured overseas group companies, built a global network, and cooperated in and contributed to the implementation of the projects of customers around the world.

With climate change and global warming becoming a major issue, the realization of a carbon-neutral society is an issue for the entire world, and there is no room for delay. The investments from customers are increasingly focused on these areas as well. As an engineering company, TOYO provides customers with high-quality services to resolve these issues through its technological and project management capabilities.

This year marks the fourth year of our medium-term management plan, which began in fiscal 2021. We have pursued a variety of initiatives, including the “Sustainable Technology and Business development” in the fields of next-generation energy, such as fuel ammonia, synthetic fuels and SAF, as well as recycling, reducing the environmental impact, and “Advanced EPC Operation” in the fields of chemicals, fertilizers and other businesses in which we have accumulated experience. My mission is to fully realize the benefits of the measures that have been implemented to date and to demonstrate the results this year in the form of improved profitability.

We have decided to relocate our headquarters this year in order to create an environment where diverse individuals, who are the foundation of enhancing corporate value, can work more dynamically. It should be a place where our strengths as a team, such as “agility” and “unity,” as well as the “professionalism” of each employee, can be maximized.

I will work together with employees at the forefront to address TOYO's materiality
— aiming to realize an environmentally friendly society and enriching people's lives
— and fulfill TOYO's mission: Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community.

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