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President & CEO
Haruo Nagamatsu(right)
Executive Vice President
Eiji Hosoi(left)

Toyo Engineering Corporation (TOYO) has been operating in the field of chemical fertilizers that use ammonia and urea since its founding. Based on its business, TOYO has been enhancing its technologies and has expanded into the wide range of business fields such as petrochemical, petroleum, gas processing, resource development and power generation. Since TOYO built plants in India in the 1960s, it has been entering overseas markets. TOYO has been developing overseas subsidiaries, building a global network and cooperating with customers around the world in executing projects.

Climate change and global warming have become major issues, and the establishment of a carbon neutral society has become a global issue. We have no time to lose. As an engineering company, TOYO is pursuing initiatives to address these issues, leveraging its technology and project management capabilities. TOYO provides high quality services to its customers.
Two years have passed since the Medium-term Management Plan began in FY2021. Two strategies are being successfully implemented: sustainable technology and business development in the field of recycling and low environment impact, which is connected to next-generation sources of energy including fuel ammonia and SAF, and advanced EPC operation in the field of chemicals and fertilizers and other business fields where we have a strong track record.

In these last three years of the plan, we will see much greater results from the initiatives we have taken, which will be visible as an increase in profitability. Executive Vice President Eiji Hosoi will become Representative Director and President and President Haruo Nagamatsu will become Chairman by resolution at the general meeting of shareholders that will be held on June 28, 2023.Under the new President and Chairman, all employees of TOYO will work as one team to achieve continued growth, address TOYO's materiality — aiming to realize an environmentally friendly society and enriching people's lives — and fulfill TOYO's mission: Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community.