Long-term Management Vision

Challenge to the change toward TOYO's Leap

President and Chief Executive Officer​

Haruo Nagamatsu​

CHANGE! Toward a continuing reform of TOYO​

The deterioration in business performance over the past several years has not only weakened Toyo's financial position, but also undermined the irreplaceable trust of its long-standing stakeholders. This serious loss fostered a common sense of crisis among Toyo employees and led to a strong commitment to CHANGE in order to make new Toyo that is not an extension of the conventional policy. ​ In 2018, when I took office as president, I declared my determination of "CHANGE!" and has been reforming our approach from all perspectives. They are not only the integration of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) which forms the foundation of business management, project management, and engineering, but also global operations, the radical streamlining of operations through DX, as well as the corporate culture change and the attitude of dialogue with stakeholders. Despite the unusual business environment caused by the spread of infectious diseases around the world, the Toyo Group's employees will unite to adapt to the changes and continue to perform steadily, leading to a leap forward from FY2026.

Pioneering the future of TOYO at a turning point

The year 2020 is a turning point for an era in which various external environmental changes have emerged, such as the stagnation of economic activities caused by infectious diseases, extreme weather events causing enormous damage, geopolitical uncertainty, and dramatic development of digital technology. Prevention of global warming is an urgent issue, and even oil majors have announced plans to significantly reduce oil and gas production. Capital markets have begun to shift to investment in low-carbon and decarbonisation projects. Since its founding, Toyo has been primarily engaged in the contracting of plant construction projects. ​ Nonetheless, as the business environment and social structure change dramatically, the engineering industry is also facing a period in which it is forced to reform its business targets and structures. TOYO has been studying changes aimed at achieving TOYO's leap forward by setting a medium- to long-term vision to provide services that benefit society, centering on "integration and substantiation," which is the essence of engineering.

With a strong awareness that “sustainability initiatives will shape the future of TOYO”, we have summarized the path we should take for the next five years in “Medium-term Management Plan (FY2021-2025) - Realization of Your Success, Our Pride.”. We will realize the transformation of TOYO with unwavering resolve.