By combining clients' new technologies with TOYO's engineering technologies, experiences, and know-hows, we provide co-creative engineering solutions aimed at short-term commercialization and social implementation of new technologies.

Our Business

Co-creation Engineering is based on R&D Engineering, a technical support service that boosts new process technologies on a laboratory scale or pilot scale to commercial scale in a short period of time. We provide engineering services suitable for clients’ development stages, from exploring seeds of new technologies to R&D, scaling up manufacturing, and establishing social value chains to contribute to the commercialization, mass production, and social implementation of new technologies as clients' partner. We also provide services based on TOYO's engineering technologies for plants and infrastructures, as well as TOYO’s technologies, experiences and know-hows through the development of TOYO’s own processes.

1. Basic research and laboratory studies (TRL 1-2)

We will support client’s early stages of technology development through the discovery of issues, the exploring of seed technologies, and the evaluation of new technologies.

2. Applied research, pilot and demonstration plant (TRL 3-7)

We will support or act on behalf of the various engineering (technological development and various designs) required at each stage of R&D, commercialization study, and basic design of new technologies. Specific examples include the following.

・Laboratory data analysis
・Commercial-scale design trials
・Pilot plant test planning
・Operational data collection and analysis
・Preparation of basic design specifications
・Data preparation for economic evaluation

These services are called R&D Engineering at TOYO. The products of R&D Engineering are provided as document packages such as "Basic Design Package" and "Process Technical Review Report".
A feature of TOYO's R&D engineering is to establish the design image of commercial scale plant in early development stage. This enables clients to accurately identify engineering issues and approaches to solving problems at earlier stages.

3. Commercialization (TRL 8) 

By participating in the project prior to commercialization, we deeply understand the characteristics of the new technology, technological risks, and countermeasures, and reflect them in design, procurement, and construction. This reduces the risks of troubles and redesigning and contributes to shorter commercialization schedule for clients.

4. Social implementation (TRL 8-9) 

TOYO will contribute to the development and commercialization of a particularly important social value chain in the area of energy transition, through TOYO’s knowledge and experience as well as cooperation with domestic and overseas group companies and business partners.

Major Achievements

Commercialization of bioplastic
Client:Musashino Chemical Laboratory,Ltd.
Facility name:Raw material for bioplastics manufacturing facility
Capacity:From 10 t/y to 140 t/y scale-up
Development Schedule:From development to commercial operation in 18 months
Commercialization of engineering plastics
Client:Honshu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Facility name:Raw material for engineering plastics manufacturing facility
Capacity:From 1,000 t/y to 3,000 t/y scale-up
Development Schedule:From reaction analysis and modeling to commercial operation in 18 months

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