TOYO has engaged in the engineering, procurement and construction of various types of power plants to meet the needs of its clients. Now that economic development and the countermeasures to its environmental load are required simultaneously, electricity demand is expected to continue to grow while dynamically changing its requirements for facilities. TOYO lists renewable energy as its main product and works on state-of-the-art/high-efficiency gas turbine combined cycle power generation as a baseload alternative to coal-fired power generation and to cope with load fluctuations in solar and wind power generation. TOYO continues to expand its product line in anticipation of fuel conversion from natural gas to hydrogen as a measure to energy transitions.

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TOYO, in addition to the construction project of "thermal power plants (coal-fired, oil-fired and gas-fired)" for power generation facilities in industrial plants and for electric power companies, has executed power plant projects in many countries, including “combined cycle” projects using state-of-the-art/high-efficient gas turbines, and “cogeneration plants” combining the supply of hot water and steam with power generation.


Natural Gas-Fired Large Combined Cycle Power Plant Project, Azerbaijan

TOYO received an order for a 400MW large-scale gas turbine combined cycle power plant project in the suburb of Baku from the country’s state-owned electric power company, and the completed power plant has contributed to remarkable economic development as the country’s main power source.

Simultaneous construction of natural gas-fired combined cycle cogeneration power plants at seven locations near Bangkok, Thailand

Based on the Thai government initiative of "SPP (Small Power Producers) program", TOYO carried out the “combined cycle cogeneration power plants at seven locations (110MW: five places, 120MW: two places)” in the suburb of Bangkok.

Simultaneous construction of natural gas-fired combined cycle cogeneration power plants at twelve locations near Bangkok, Thailand

As recognition of successful completion of the simultaneous construction at seven locations, TOYO executed twelve cogeneration power plant projects in Thailand, near Bangkok (130MW: four places, 125MW: two places, 120MW: six places, Total of 1,490MW).

All the seven power plants and the twelve power plants were delivered to customers on schedule, supplying electricity to Bangkok citizens and nearby industrial parks.

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