The syngas, which consists mainly of hydrogen and carbon monoxide is produced from naphtha, natural gas and other hydrocarbon as feedstock. using the technology of steam reforming method, auto-thermal reforming and other approaches.
TOYO's activities in the area of licensing, design and construction of steam reforming plants (Steam Reformers) have been overwhelmingly dominant and account for more than 10% of the hydrogen produced in the world by this method.
TOYO has also constructed reformers using its own technologies as well as reformers of the licensors KBR, UOP, KTI and others.
TOYO's experience in the field of design and construction of Steam Reformers has been extensive in relation to ammonia, methanol, refinery hydrogen production and fuel cell power facilities etc. within Japan and overseas.


Hydrogen process flow

TOYO Steam Reformer

TOYO Steam Reformer is of the down firing type, equipped with a burner on the ceiling of the radiant section, making it ideal for large facilities. The technology helps improve thermal efficiency and contributes to the environment and economic efficiency.
The steam reformer achieves size reduction, saving of fuel, extension of tube life and throughput increase.

TOYO Steam Reformer process flow

3,000 t/d methanol plant at
Oman Methanol Company L.L.C.

Large scale methanol plant in single train configuration has been realized in Oman which consists of above adiabatic pre-reformer, primary reformer and TOYO’s proprietary MRF-Z® methanol reactor.

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