Amid global demand for shift to carbon neutral, TOYO also shifted its core business field to renewable energy to materialize “balancing environmentally harmonized society and wealthy life” and has been engaged in various types of power plant projects that meets the social demand and the needs of its clients.

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Mega solar power plant construction

TOYO is one of the most experienced contractors for "mega solar power plant construction project" in Japan and accumulated track record reached to more than 700MW. Even among them, Japan's largest mega solar power generation (235MW) called as [Setouchi Kirei photovoltaic power plant] project was conceptualized with TOYO as core developer of the business enterprise. TOYO was deeply involved right from planning stage and was later awarded LS contract for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of entire project.

Setouchi Kirei solar power plant
Power generation output:235MW DC
Construction site:Okayama Prefecture Japan
Pacifico Energy / Hosoe mega solar
Power generation output:96MW DC
Construction site:Miyazaki Prefecture Japan

Biomass power plant construction

Following mega solar power plant construction projects, with the introduction of "fixed price buyback program (FIT: Feed-In-Tariff)" for renewable energy, project orders for "biomass power plant construction project" in Japan has seen rapid increase as well. TOYO offers high efficiency power plant by employing circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler with reheat system supplied by Andritz and steam turbine generator (STG) supplied by Siemens, and was awarded seven lumpsum contracts for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction in the range of 50MW to 75MW. TOYO further plans to offer larger capacity plant to enhance economics for its clients.

Obayashi Kamisu Biomass Power Generation K.K. / Kamisu biomass power plant
Power generation output:50MW
Construction site:Ibaraki Prefecture Japan
Omaezaki-ko Biomass Energy G.K. / Omaezaki-ko biomass power plant
Power generation output:75MW
Construction site:Shizuoka Prefecture Japan
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