g-Methanol® is kind of renewable Methanol by synthesizing CO2, which is captured from various exhaust sources and utilized as feedstock of Methanol and H₂, which is generated by water electrolysis using renewable electricity. Carbon recycling options can be diversified by converting CO2 to chemical raw materials via Methanol and using Methanol as transport fuels. Utilizing our own technologies and experience in the chemical and energy fields, TOYO contributes to realize a recycling-oriented society by supplying sustainable clean energy and building a value chain.

MRF-Z® reactor

TOYO offers appropriate solution to meet the process features of the direct CO2 to Methanol synthesis process by its proprietary MRF-Z® Reactor.
  The specific features of the reactor with Multi-Stage Indirect Cooling type configuration accomplish energy saving, i.e. efficient recovery of the reaction heat as steam generation. Suitable heat removal is key technology to produce methanol from CO2 with minimum catalyst volume. Thanks to Multi-Stage Indirect Cooling, the temperature profile in the catalyst bed is optimized by a suitable cooling tube arrangement. Optimized temperature profile along the maximum reaction rate line provides optimum amount of catalyst.

Easy catalyst loading and unloading

In the MRF-Z® reactor, the shell side is filled with catalyst, and the heat removal tube side is constructed with a bionet tube that fixes only one side. This makes it easier to perform maintenance such as catalyst replacement.

Other features

・Shell-side catalyst /Wide Range Single Train Capacity
・Steam Raising Methanol Reactor / Best Use of Surplus Heat
・Cross Flow to Cooling Tubes / Maximum Heat Transfer
・Radial Gas Flow / Low Pressure Drop
・Bayonet Boiler Tubes / No Thermal Stress Catalytic filling on the shell side and support for a wide range of plant capacity

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