Establish an organization with intergrity and discipline

Corporate Governance

TOYO, with a mission to contribute to the sustainable growth of the global community through engineering, aims at our sustainable growth as a corporation and the medium- to long-term improvement of corporate value and shareholder value. We will struggle for the fulfillment of corporate governance as the platform to realize the aims. Specifically, we will make efforts for establishment and operation of the corporate governance system, appropriate risk taking and management, thorough compliance, proactive information disclosure, and dialogues with stakeholders.


Through the initiatives below, we not only comply with the laws and regulations as the basis of corporate activities, but also strengthen the operation and monitoring of management system consistent with the social justice and ethics.

  • Commitment by Top Management
  • Establishment and through dissemination of TOYO's Compliance Manual
  • Establishment and periodical meeting of Compliance Committee chaired by the Chief Compliance Officer
  • Establishment of internal whistleblowing system – Establishment of points of contact in and outside of the Company for consultation, internal whistleblowing and handling thereof
  • Boosting awareness about compliance with promotional activities through training and tests
  • Implementation of periodical audits concerning compliance by Internal Audit Division and Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Our Commitment

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