Privacy Policy

In the course of our business, our clients and other stakeholders sometimes disclose or entrust to us their personal information. Managing this personal information properly is critical, and is the very foundation of the relationship of trust the Company enjoys with its stakeholders. Recognizing this, we are fully committed to protecting personal information under the following policy and we constantly seek to refine the systems we have established for this purpose.

  1. We shall abide by Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related regulations.
  2. We shall establish management standards related to the protection of privacy, and appoint personnel and supervisors to ensure the appropriate management of information.
  3. We shall include the following items in the management standards and these items shall apply whenever we collect, use or provide personal information.
    • When we collect personal information, we shall make clear the purpose and scope of use, and the information shall be used within the scope approved by the information owner.
    • When data that contains personal information is entrusted to us, we shall properly use the information in a manner appropriate to the purpose of use and within the scope of use approved by the information owner.
    • We shall take action to protect information we collect from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage or any similar event. Should any of these events occur, we shall promptly take corrective action.
    • When outsourcing the handling of personal information, we shall maintain supervision as necessary and appropriate, to ensure safe management of the personal information.
  4. We will continue to refine the above systems for the protection of privacy.

Handling of Personal Information

Toyo Engineering Corporation (TOYO) understands that TOYO’s social obligations include proper handling and thorough protection of information received from customers, as TOYO recognizes the importance of this information. Customers can access almost all pages of TOYO’s web site without giving their own personal information. In some cases, however, TOYO may ask a customer to give personal information in order to provide information that the customer requests. This page describes how TOYO handles personal information on TOYO’s web site, which displays the URL, . This description does not cover any web sites other than the URL above, including those of TOYO’s overseas affiliates. For information on how any of these web sites handles personal information, please contact the web site administrator.

1.Collection of personal information

TOYO may request customers to give personal information in order to identify them or to contact customers to give them information. Such personal information is normally required in connection with e-mail inquiries or e-mail transmission formats, or when a customer wishes to participate in a bulletin board system (electronic meeting) or to access web pages to which access is restricted. TOYO collects specific information about a customer’s hardware and software for the purpose of maintaining the operation and quality of TOYO’s information service, and for the purpose of collecting statistics about the usage of TOYO’s pages. Such information may include IP address, browser type, operating system, domain name, access frequency, reference web site, and e-mail address.

2.Use of personal information

Customers’ personal information will be used for the following purposes: Responding to customers’ requests for information Answering customers’ questions Providing content that meets customers’ needs Information about accessing the web site will be used for surveys conducted to provide content that meets customer needs, in connection with anonymous demographics. Information about a customer’s access to some of TOYO’s web pages to which access is limited may be correlated, subject to that customer’s agreement, to the customer’s personal information. Unless a customer agrees, services will not be provided to the customer privately, and the customer’s personal information will not be correlated to the access information.

TOYO may disclose personal information where disclosure is legally required or where disclosure is rationally judged to be necessary in order that:

  • TOYO follows legal requirements or complies with a public organization’s requests for the web site,
  • TOYO protects or guards its own rights on the web site or properties, and
  • TOYO acts urgently to protect TOYO users and employees, TOYO products and services, or to secure public safety.

3.Management of personal information

TOYO will not share registered content or personal information with any third parties without a customer’s permission, except for the purposes described above; TOYO will use the information only for those purposes.

4.Security of personal information

TOYO takes all possible measures to protect customers’ personal information. TOYO utilizes various security technologies and procedures to protect customers’ personal information against access without authority, appropriation, or leakage. For example, personal information received from a customer is stored on a computer server that is located in a controlled facility and to which access is restricted. Where confidential information is forwarded through the Internet, the information is protected with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or other encryption technology.

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