The ammonia is produced using atomospheric nitrogen and hydrogen which is produced mainly by the hydrocarbons such as the natural gas, and it is used as raw materials for such as fertilizer or the chemical.


In 1968, based on detailed investigations of a large scale ammonia plant designed, TOYO decided to execute a general license agreement with KBR. In 1969, TOYO builts and commissioned its first 1,000 t/d class ammonia plant in Japan by integrating its own experience and know-how in designing ammonia plant with the KBR process. At the same time in 1969, TOYO was awarded a contract for a 1,360 t/d plant by a customer in the former USSR. Up to now TOYO's experience in ammonia plant including the plants based on our own and other processes amounts to over 80 projects. In accordance with the market requirements for large scale plant, TOYO has built a 2,700 t/d ammonia plant in Indonesia.

TOYO's strategy for efficiency and the requirement of large-scale plant

TOYO is now in a position to license the most advanced ammonia technology from KBR, such as KBR's top-fired steam-methane reformer (SMR) , KBR Reforming Exchanger System (KRES™) for reforming, KBR's proprietary cryogenic Purifier process (Purifier™) for impurity removal and Horizontal Synthesis Converter with magnetite synthesis catalyst These process units are already in operation and well proven in commercial plants.

PurifierPlus™ Simplified




Cold box impurity removal (Purifier™)

Horizontal Synthesis Converter

Magnetite synthesis catalyst based synthesis

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