Ammonia is a zero-emission fuel that does not contain carbon atoms and does not emit CO2 when burned. Ammonia has a high hydrogen density (121kg-H2/㎥), and it is possible to construct a large-scale value chain using existing infrastructures. Therefore, ammonia is attracting attention as a new fuel that supports energy security.
Fuel ammonia is ammonia that reduces the emission of CO 2 in the manufacturing process. Fuel ammonia is classified as "green ammonia*" and "blue ammonia**" depending on the manufacturing process and the degree of reduction of CO2 emissions.

*Green ammonia is synthesized from hydrogen produced by renewable energy. Renewable energy includes solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass power.
**Blue ammonia is produced from fossil fuels and the CO2 emissions generated in the manufacturing process are reduced by CCS (Carbon dioxide Capture & Storage) , EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery), etc.

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Toyo's Social Implementation Initiatives

In the field of fuel ammonia, we are developing technology for the social implementation of the value chain by leveraging our experience in plant engineering for the ammonia process based on the Herberbosch method, which we have accumulated over the past 50 years.

Alliance with KBR

Toyo can propose further cost reductions through optimum design based on its technological capabilities backed by its extensive EPC experience as a leading contractor for more than 80 ammonia plants and a partnership with the U.S. company KBR, a licensor, for more than 50 years.

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AAJ Alliance

In April 2022, TOYO entered an alliance with JGC Holdings Co., Ltd. for the EPC business at a fuel ammonia manufacturing plant and an ammonia receiving facility.
Under this alliance (Ammonia Alliance Japan (AAJ), we will contribute to the realization of a decarbonisation-free society by consistently promoting the fuel ammonia business from the conception stage to EPC.

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Next-generation ammonia synthesis catalyst

On June 14, 2023, TOYO signed a memorandum of understanding with the National University of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ammon Fields Co., Ltd. and F.C.C. Co., Ltd. to jointly develop and commercialize the catalyst, aiming to apply the iron-hydride catalyst developed by Professor Michikazu Hara of TOKO University to the ammonia production system for fuel.
We aim to reduce the production cost of fuel ammonia by combining appropriate operating conditions with iron-hydride catalysts in medium- and large-scale facilities.

Prototype molding catalyst

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Ammonia decomposition

Fuel ammonia is not only used as a direct fuel, but also an energy carrier that is flexible enough to construct a social system by decomposing ammonia to extract hydrogen and applying it to hydrogen power generation and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), etc.

TOYO is the first EPC partner to conclude a memorandum of understanding with KBR on the commercialization of Hydrogen from Ammonia Cracking Technology , Hydrogen from Ammonia Cracking Technology (H2ACT℠) held by KBR on July 26, 2023, to resolve issues related to hydrogen production technology and social mounting.

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Commercial Use of Fuel Ammonia to Naphtha Crackers Adopted as NEDO Green Innovation Fund R&D Project

TOYO, in cooperation with Mitsui Chemicals, Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and Sojitz Machinery Co., Ltd., is conducting a demonstration project called the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)'s Green Innovation Fund Project/Development of Plastic Raw Material Production Technologies using CO 2, etc., and Development of Advanced Technologies for Naphtha Decomposing Reactors.
The aim of this project is to reduce the CO 2 generated during combustion to as much as possible by converting fuel, which used to be mainly methane, to ammonia in naphtha decomposition furnaces. By 2030, demonstration will be completed in a commercial ammonia furnace with the aim of implementing this project in a socially responsible manner.

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