piXY®: Product Recovery System


In case of promotion for multi of the plant that manufacturing worksite of pharmaceuticals such as percutaneous absorbent handled of viscous liquid, and nonmedicinal product such as cosmetics, it has the problem as follows,

  • To want to do well switching operation
  • To want to reduce the rest of the product
  • To want to do washing in good efficiency

The solution to be solved this problem is called piXY that is TOYO developed that combines automated line changeover system "XY router" and pigg system.



piXY represents an effort to solve issues when attempting multi-production of high added-value products, by skillfully combining the switchover and product recovery mechanisms and furthermore the cleaning system. TOYO's unique automated line changeover system XY Router® is used as the switchover mechanism. The system enables automated switchover between multiple facilities without cross contamination. As the system enables a continuous flow path to be easily formed without branching, it is the optimum switchover system when pigs are used. The applicable line sizes vary up to six inches. A pigging system that pushes out fluids remaining in the pipes is used as the product recovery mechanism. This eliminates almost the entire leftover fluid in the pipes after sending out the fluids. Various types of pigging systems may be configured to suit the purpose. The washing mechanism is designed taking into full consideration the overall plant operation, switchover mechanism and management during stand-by.
Integrating with the switchover mechanism makes efficient cleaning and sterilization possible. In addition to the above, piXY is also effective when injecting auxiliary materials (e.g. test reagents, additives) and eliminating leftovers in the preparation stage.

System Chart of piXY


Major Lube Oil Manufacturer


Lubricant blending factory

Major food manufacturer


Seasoning factory

※ piXY is a registered trademark of Toyo Engineering Corporation in Japan.
※ XY Router is a registered trademark of Toyo Engineering Corporation in Japan.

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