Along with shifting the exploration of oil fields from onshore to offshore, from shallow water to deep water, Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) unit has increased over the years due to its high adaptability to ultra-deep water exploration. FPSO is typically equipped with crude oil and gas production facilities on the deck (frequently called as “Topsides”) and crude oil tanks in the hull, and can move to targeted offshore field.

Features of FPSO Construction

Crude oil is produced by separating the water and gas from the well fluid in offshore oil fields. The associated gas is partly used for gas turbine power generation on the FPSO and the rest is pressurized with compressors and injected back into the reservoir just like water to enhance the recovery of the crude oil. When there is an offshore gas pipeline nearby, the line is connected to FPSO and the gas is sent to the shore and used at power stations and other facilities.
As FPSO is a vessel that floats on the sea, Topsides must be designed to accommodate the swaying motion by wave, which differs from the on-shore facilities. The Topsides are assembled in units of independent blocks called modules. Design and construction of modules is proceeded by accommodating design conditions unique to FPSO projects with full use of 3D-CAD, considering constraint of installation space of modules, pursuing weight saving, distortion that may result when lifting the completed super-heavy modules onto the vessel. Modules are constructed onshore by a block which enable to proceed in parallel with the construction or conversion of the hull, thereby reducing the overall FPSO construction schedule.

FPSO construction


TOYO has performed engineering, procurement and construction work for Topsides facilities of several FPSOs since 2005 including the one destined to Stybarrow offshore oil field off the coast of Australia, in which TOYO has been highly appreciated by MODEC, the prime FPSO contractor, for the performance of EPC work. Toyo has continuously participated into FPSO Topsides projects in Angora and Brazil offshore, which led to total eight projects till today.

TOYO participates in Estaleiros do Brasil (EBR) , an affiliate company in Brazil, which owns fabrication yard in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost part of Brazil. EBR received an order for engineering, procurement and construction work for a FPSO Topside in 2013 and carried out module fabrication work and installation work at its own fabrication yard. Since then, EBR has performed several module fabrications for FPSO Topsides to date.

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