TOYO's MVV and Materiality

Our mission is “Engineering for sustainable growth of the global community”. We have formulated four materialities in line with the SDGs and have placed them at the core of our business to realize our mission.

Overview of the TOYO Group

Established in 1961
Consolidated number
of employees: 6,686

(as of 31st Mar, 2023)

Number of groups
10 EPC and
1 procurement group companies around the world

Since its founding in 1961, the company has expanded into overseas businesses, starting with India, and has been implementing projects around the world. In the 1970s, the company established overseas companies in various regions and has grown as a group. We are engaged in a wide range of engineering businesses, both in the market and in the business.

Net sales of

(Year ended March, 2022)

Global share of licenses

TOYO has been a technology-oriented company with a license for urea synthesis technology since its founding. In the 1960s, Toyo entered into a technical alliance with the ammonia Licensor KBR and the ethylene Licensor Lummus.

Engineering for Sustainable
Growth of the Global Community

Under the Medium-Term Management Plan started in FY2021, we will contribute to the realization of sustainability of the global community through a green strategy “Sustainable Technology & Business Development” and a blue strategy ”Advanced EPC Operation” through the enhancement of conventional EPC business by strengthen of the group operation and DXoT (Digital transformation of TOYO (DXOT).

Achieving sustainability of the global community through a double spiral strategy of “Sustainable Technology and Business Development” and “Advanced EPC Operation”

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