Reducing CO2 emissions to prevent global warming is a common issue for all humankind. Toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society, TOYO is working to provide a wide range of solutions, including technology and business development support ranging from the capture of CO2 to the utilization and storage of CO2 (CCUS), through collaboration with partners having the advanced technologies and our expertise established in the plant engineering business.

CO2 Capture Technologies


OASE® is a process technology developed by BASF to separate and remove acid gases such as CO2. Since 1984, TOYO has been acting as an agent for licensing and basic design of the OASE® process. OASE® not only absorbs CO2 but also achieves low energy consumption.

※ OASE ® is a registered trademark of BASF SE.

TarT™ process

This technology, developed by 8Rivers Capital, LLC, separates acid gas contained in natural gas. The unique distillation technology enables inexpensive treatment of natural gas containing high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and CO2. Furthermore, the separated CO2 is recovered in liquid form, which makes it easier to use for the subsequent use of CO2. TOYO has a comprehensive agreement on the TarT™ process with 8Rivers, the licensor of this technology.

CO2 Utilization Technology

CO2 Recycling

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