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TOYO has created its mission as “Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community”, and based on this mission, we are committed to addressing the following four areas: “Aim to realize an environmentally-friendly society”, “Enrich people's lives”, “People of diverse backgrounds engage in active, meaningful work” and “Establish an organization with integrity and discipline”.

To this end, TOYO has established relevant basic policies, including TOYO's Code of Conduct and Sustainability Basic Policy, and applied them to all officers and employees of the TOYO Group. It is, however, critical for us as a company that is expanding its business globally to share this mission not only within the company but throughout the supply chain, and work together to realize these areas.

From this perspective, we expect all our business partners in TOYO's supply chain to share and comply with the following:

Legal Compliance

Comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and social norms while performing business activities, and ensure that business transactions are appropriate and fair:

  1. Comply with all laws, regulations, and social norms applied to business activities and respect international rules and practices.
  2. Comply with laws and regulations stipulated and applied in countries and regions where business is conducted in connection with transactions, and carry out business with the highest respect for their business practices.
  3. Comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding export and import controls and economic sanctions in the course of transactions, and establish appropriate export and import control systems for technologies, equipment, and materials.
  4. Comply with the Antimonopoly Act and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and do not engage in any illegal or unfair competition or transactions such as bid rigging, or engage with cartels.

Occupational Safety and Health

Implement the following practices to ensure occupational safety and health:

  1. Continuously confirm and share the consensus that “Safety takes precedence over all other considerations” and realize and maintain safe, hygienic, and healthy conditions in all workplaces.
  2. Strive to complete all jobs with no accidents and no harm to people by enforcing preventive safety measures to prevent accidents, disasters, and environmental pollution.

Human Rights

Respect human rights as stipulated in the “International Bill of Human Rights” and the “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work” of International Labor Organization (ILO), and in particular, observe the following items:

  1. Discrimination

    Refrain from discriminating against anyone on any grounds, including race, religion, creed, gender, social status, nationality, age, and disability.

  2. Harassment

    Do not accept any form of harassment, including physical, sexual, or emotional harassment.

  3. Work Environment

    Appropriately operate and manage working hours, holidays, and leave of employees and pay them appropriate wages in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in the country of employment.

  4. Forced Labor

    Ensure that no employee is forced to work.

  5. Child Labor

    Comply with the minimum working age stipulated in the country of employment and do not tolerate child labor.


Thoroughly implement the following anti-corruption measures:

  1. Observe the highest ethical standards and applicable laws and regulations that prohibit offering of financial benefits, including, inter alia, money, gifts, meals, and entertainment to any government officials or any other people who have similar capacities.
  2. Observe the highest ethical standards and do not offer excessive financial benefits including, inter alia, money, gifts, meals, and entertainment to customers, partners, and stakeholders that are beyond the scope of ethical business practices.

Information Security

Ensure that the following information security systems are implemented:

  1. Handle confidential and proprietary information as well as intellectual properties of third parties disclosed by business partners and other related parties appropriately based on contracts and agreements.
  2. Maintain confidentiality of own information assets and control, protect them against destruction and alteration, and ensure that they are available on demand.
  3. Prevent information security incidents, and if an incident occurs, investigate the cause and implement corrective actions.
  4. Strive to reduce information security risks that may affect business continuity, and take necessary measures especially for vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks, if any.


Considering that preservation of the global environment and preventing global warming are recognized as common issues facing humanity, undertake the following activities, in particular:

  1. Strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as a response to climate change.
  2. Abide by laws and international treaties regarding preservation of the environment, and promote business activities that take the environment into consideration.
  3. Work on sustainable use of resources through effective utilization of recyclable resources and waste reduction.
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