May. 16, 2017

Toyo Engineering Corporation (TOYO, President and CEO Kiyoshi Nakao) and Koch-Glitsch today announced a new partnership to distribute TOYO’s innovative energy-saving distillation system, SUPERHIDIC®, to new global markets in Europe and the Middle East.
SUPERHIDIC® provides superior energy savings of above 50 percent compared to conventional distillation systems in various industrial applications. With its enhanced Heat Integrated Distillation Column,SUPERHIDIC® has been recognized as the ultimate energy-saving distillation system.
TOYO’s SUPERHIDIC® was selected in 2014 to enhance energy conservation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at Maruzen Petrochemical Co. Ltd. in Japan. The world’s first commercial plant with SUPERHIDIC® technology started operations in Japan last year, with actual energy conservation of above 50 percent.

About Koch-Glitsch
Koch-Glitsch is a global leader in the design and manufacture of mass transfer, mist elimination, and liquid-liquid coalescing equipment for the refining, chemical, petrochemical and gas processing industries. With the largest installed base in the industry, Koch-Glitsch engineers have the knowledge and experience to supply innovative designs for an extensive range of applications and requirements. The company’s products and services are available worldwide through its network of sales, engineering, manufacturing and service facilities. Koch-Glitsch, headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, is a Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC company. More information is available at


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