Jan. 4, 2010

I would like to extend my sincere wishes for a happy new year to all members of Toyo group companies.

I believe that the three basic policies being incorporated in the mid-term management plan since last year – namely, "Respond to Changes in Business Type and Field," "Advance Global Toyo" and "Enhance Human Resources" – will firmly help us realize our sustainable to long-term growth. The high appraisal that we have received from our clients as a global first-ranked contractor is a result of your persistent efforts, and we must sustain this reputation as our source of "pride." With the above as our foothold, we would like to focus on the following tasks in 2010:

 Deliver the values our clients require through our enhanced customer- and community-based activities, and win new orders.
 Accelerate global group operations to strengthen our price competitiveness and the synergies between our groups.
 Upgrade and build up our infrastructure to respond quickly to qualitative changes in the business environment in order to use it as a weapon to deliver the best performance to our clients.

With world business in a chaotic state, we tend to be shortsighted and pay attention only to the issues at hand. We must "radicate the culture that encourages steady growth of individuals and organizations" so that we can be prepared for the future, while steadily executing the tasks at hand. While facing severe realities, let's stand against challenges in the new year by joining forces with members of every group.

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