Mar. 12, 2013

Toyo Engineering Corporation (TOYO, President and CEO Katsumoto Ishibashi) recently formed a business alliance with Middough Inc., U.S.A., an engineering company with expertise in pharmaceuticals. The alliance will strengthen business development in bio-pharmaceuticals, which have particularly high market growth potential within pharmaceuticals, a field of focus for the Company.

Established in 1950, Middough has offices nationwide in the United States with its head office in Cleveland, Ohio, and a staff of more than 900. It operates a comprehensive engineering business in a wide range of fields, covering architecture, life science, Industrial, and process (such as chemical, oil & gas, and refining) businesses. Middough has particular strengths in designing facilities in the bio-pharmaceutical field for all stages from research laboratories to commercial production facilities and implementing cGMPs.*1 It also boasts abundant experience in such biological fields as microorganisms, animal cells, and vaccines.

TOYO has experience with providing Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturers with technologies for building API*2 multi-plants (high-mix, low-volume production), particularly for chemical synthesis production. The Company has also provided technologies for constructing high potency API manufacturing plants that utilize containment technologies. Based on this new business alliance, TOYO will be targeting domestic and overseas orders in the promising bio-pharmaceutical field.

*1. cGMPs: current Good Manufacturing Practices
*2. API: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

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