Procurement or Procurement Management

This is another important activity of the project. For EPC contracts on LSTK basis, Toyo-India is fully geared up for procurement and supply of all goods and services required for the successful execution of the project. This is accomplished through its vast experience independent Material division, Vendor support and assistance from TOYO Engineering Group for overseas procurement.

Typical activities include :

  • - Issue of Enquiry
  • - Bid Tabulation and Evaluation
  • - Placement of Orders and payment
  • - Transportation
  • - Insurance
  • - Customs Clearance
  • - Inspection and Expediting

In EPCM projects, Toyo-India provides procurement services to the client. This generally includes all procurement activities except issuing PO and payments. The client takes the responsibility of issuing purchase order and payments.

All items and services, within the battery limit, are procured on account of the project and supplied to the site hence availing of all tax and duty exemptions, if available.