Construction or Construction Management

In this latter part of project activity, complete Construction or Construction Management services are carried out as per client/contract requirement.

Complete Construction

In EPC-LSTK type of contracts, the complete construction activity for the project is undertaken by Toyo-India. This responsibility is managed by in-house construction planning department in association with competent and suitable sub-contractor for actual site construction work.

Typical activities include :

  • - Co-ordination with Client and Contractors
  • - Civil Work and Underground Piping
  • - Installation and Erection of Equipment, Piping and Systems
  • - Instrument, Electrical, Insulation and Painting Work
  • - Safety Enforcement
  • - Field Inspection
  • - Stores Management
  • - Material Reconciliation

Construction Management Services

Such services required in PMC or EPCM type of contracts are carried out through in-house construction planning expertise and experience.