Growth Opportunity

Well Chartered plan for Career Growth

At Toyo-India, we believe that every person has innate potential that can be developed within an environment that is open, where learning is encouraged and achievements are awarded. We consider Growth as an essential ingredient to our corporate philosophy where individual objectives are met with those of his career.

The path begins with the training opportunity that Toyo-India offers, this is supplemented by exposure to the specific field- a chance to work on a live project with what the training program has instilled in you. Good performers are offered additional responsibility. Personnel who succeed and thrive at the new responsibility and are able to perform at optimum levels then go through a process of appraisal before being offered the opportunity for advancement.

Promotions from within the Ranks

Toyo-India follows the policy of a preferential promotion of talent from within our team. The company offers engineers the proving ground as well as the growth avenues. Our complex projects offer innumerable opportunities to showcase your talent, prove your skill sets and earn your promotions.

Complex Technology, Modern Project Management and a truly globalized spread of projects

Members of our team benefit from the challenging technology projects that we undertake, where our incisive project management helps us implement complex projects within timelines and budgets as well as the opportunity to work in different parts of the world in an environment that is truly multinational and multi-cultural.