Joy @ work

Toyo-India combines work with fun and promotes a lifestyle which is based on work-life balance. We believe that there is equal need for fun and celebrations in life as there is for work and achievements. Our team events, cultural celebrations and informal gatherings ensure that there is more to working at Toyo-India than official work.
We celebrate important festivals and provide opportunities for families of our employees to intermingle and understand the values of Toyo-India.

Important celebrations in the Toyo-India calendar include :

  • Annual Party
  • Annual Departmental Picnic
  • Festival and Pooja Celebrations
  • Annual Sports (TT, Carrom)
  • Cricket Tournaments etc.
  • Monsoon / Winter Trek
  • Yoga/Gym Facilities
  • Meritorious Student Award
  • Celebration of Employee's Birthday and Many more...